Welcome to ragm.com.
I am very happy to present our new website.  We’ve designed it as a way to present my most recent work along with a growing archives of past writings, videos and books.  Specifically I wanted a way to better discuss topics of governance, capitalism, activism, government capture, politics as well as shareholder, corporate and political responsibility.  Hopefully you'll weigh in and share your thoughts about what we present here and comment on my work.  Never have I felt it more important to have input into what I'm doing so please chime in. 

A couple of specific things I want to make sure you see while you look around the site:

  • The Library:  Here is where you can access older articles, essays, videos and even books.  We've often posted my older materials on the site but here we've opened up my archives for you to use.  We'll be posting more as we go along and we welcome requests for any specific items you don't see here.  If you are a student or instructor we hope that you can make use of this material in your work  -- and we'd love to know if you do. 
  • The Blog:  We've used the blog sporadically over the past few years but will be posting new work, new video and comments on a regular basis.  I've got a couple of new things I'm working on so we'll post updates and I'll be calling on you when I need input.  We also hope to incorporate some work from our friends.  Please check back often.  You can always subscribe via rss or get on our email list for regular updates. 
Feel free to use what is here  -- share and repost as you want.  We ask only that you don't alter any of the material and that you link back to the site when you credit the work.
Thanks for joining us here at ragm.com.  I really do look forward to hearing from you -- about the site, about the topics, about ideas.  Contact us anytime at info@ragm.com.
Bob Monks
February 2011

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