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The Capture of Corporate Governance - San Diego Law School February 16, 2012 [DOC]
Speech to faculty of University of San Diego School of Law, February 16, 2012.  "American corporations today are like the great European monarchies of yore: They have the power to control the rules under which they function and to direct the allocation of public resources. This is not a prediction of what’s to come; this is a simple statement of the present state of affairs. Corporations have effectively captured the United States: its judiciary, its political system, and its national wealth, without assuming any of the responsibilities of dominion. Evidence is everywhere..."


AMEC Conference Brazil
Pre-recorded speech for AMEC Annual Seminar, Brazil, November 2011.  NOTE:  See also, L'Appel for ICGN Paris, September 2011 .

Sarasin Responsible Investment Seminar
Speech before the Sarasin Responsible Investment Seminar, London, October 6, 2011.  (Bob participated remotely from Maine).

Responsible Ownership - CECL Conference
Robert AG Monks recorded speech for the Centre for European Company Law (CECL) Conference on Effective Ownership. The Netherlands, September 16, 2011.

Can Stewardship Help Prevent the Next Financial Crisis? [PDF]
Speech for PRI In Person - Principles of Responsible Investment conference, Paris, 2011.   See a practice reading of this speech here.

L'Appel - ICGN Paris [PDF]
Speech for International Corporate Governance Network Annual Conference (ICGN), Paris, 2011.  Titled L'Appel (The Call) and meant as a call to action for owners and fund managers. View a video excerpts of this speech here and here.

Public Funds Forum 2011 [PDF]
Opening remarks for The Future of Corporate Reform, GovernanceMetrics International's (GMI) 2011 Public Funds Forum.  See a practice reading of the speech here.


Corporate Governance, Fiduciary Duty and Social Responsibility [DOC]
This paper will suggest that a more spacious view of inveterate and unchanging legal concepts – such as the law of trusts – provide a framework for the construction of ethical corporations. We will suggest that ethical corporate behavior is characterized by three principal norms. Health – concern for the well being and biological survival of human participants Care of Infants – Concern with the long term - of sustainability Fairness – inter generational, inter national, and between the various components of the corporate constellation. Sharing of risks and benefits.
For The Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting January 2010. Speech not given and Bob did not attend.


Speech at Harvard Law School -- Shareholder Activism Class [PDF]
Bob Monks speech to Lucian Bebchuk's Shareholder Activism class at Harvard Law School, November 2009.


Corpocracy [PDF]
Bob Monks talks about his book, Corpocracy.  University of Southern Maine, Portland, November 5, 2007.  (Transcript)

The Future of Corporate Governance [PPT]
Bob Monks PowerPoint presentation, "The Future of Corporate Governance."  Orlando, Florida October 19, 2007.

Testimony of Robert A.G. Monks Before the Legal and Veterans Affairs Committee Of the Maine State Legislature [DOC]
This bill is designed to make it clear that although corporations are empowered to exercise the rights exercised by natural persons in the conduct of their business activities, they are not thereby vested with the political rights of natural persons. The bill intentionally eschews any prohibitory or regulatory language, preferring to focus on the nature of the corporation itself...

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