Corporations Are Not People: A book to inspire a movement

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Jeffrey Clements’ book, Corporations Are Not People, is an indispensable source of information and analysis on the present state of corporate power in America. What is particularly valuable is the cogent analysis of such a contradictory and dysfunctional conclusion.  It’s an indispensible source of the who/what/when in the Citizens United timeline. 
Corporations Are Not People also spells out a way this can be solved. It’s a courageous book because what he’s recommending is not easy. But then, this is not something that is beyond the power of human beings to accomplish – we can amend the Constitution. It’s very, very daunting but his focus on this (and if you’ve followed his work at all you know his dedication to this effort) and his willingness to devote so much of his intellectual energy and time is very moving. 
From the very beginning, Jeff Clements knew what Citizens United would mean for our country. He submitted an Amicus Brief in the case and spoke widely before most of the public caught onto the issue.  He hasn’t stopped and this book is an important resource. Read this book if you’re interested in overturning/fixing/amending the issues in Citizens United.
It is the kind of book that all successful movements have to have as their bible.