How the book began…

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The new book, Citizens DisUnited: Passive Investors, Drone CEOs and the Corporate Capture of the American Dream, is coming out this month.  It's been in the works for the last year, and is really the culmination of thirty years of work in corporate governance, activism and government.  It was prompted by frustrations and failures, in many ways.  But it was through those frustrations that I gained clarity on the problems facing our nation.  Not just problems in the boardroom but the larger issues of power that tie corporations to the power structure in Washington and how it affects our society. 

The specific thoughts that led to this book began almost two years ago with a speech I gave at ICGN in Paris.  I thought I'd repost this now so you have some background before you read the book.  The Paris speech was a call for institutions to act; the book is a call to trustees to enliven their institutions. 

I'll post more about the book tomorrow so stayed tuned…