Say on Pay Redux

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Seems Say on Pay (and CEO pay, in general) is on everyone’s mind.  Thought I’d share a couple of things from the news of the last 24 hours.

GMI’s Paul Hodgson has an op-ed in the Washington Post (The Original Sin of Executive Pay) and says, “Not all CEOs are entrepreneurs, but all CEOs are paid like them.”

And Citigroup’s investors sent a clear message about CEO Vickram Pandit’s pay.  This is not a binding vote but this is an opportune time for the board to look at Citigroup’s pay practices — and maybe set a tone for annual meetings this year.  See: Citigroup’s Chief Rebuffed on Pay by Shareholders in the New York Times.

What do you think?  Will anything come of this?  What are you reading about this issue?